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Friday 24th March 2017

Governor’s Hall, St. Thomas’ Hospital, London

Now in its 17th year.   This years faculty include many of the UKs best known VR surgeons .  As the title of this successful course suggests the aim is cover the principles and practice of VR surgery in one day of accessible teaching.  Talks are targeted at non VR Specialists, Ophthalmic Trainees, Aspiring VR Fellows, Optometrists and Ophthalmic Nursing Staff.  Previous courses have had excellent feedback, with standards continually improved by the speakers actively competing to achieve the highest delegate ratings. 

‘It does what it says on the tin, a great days teaching’  Sth. Thames Trainee

‘As a non VR Specialist I got a user friendly and clinically relevant update’  Consultant Glaucoma Specialist

‘The informal delivery by a friendly faculty made the whole thing very enjoyable’  Associate specialist  

VR in a Day presentations are based on a combination of experience and evidence in order to give a pragmatic view of each topic.

The Programme:

Retinal Detachment Symposium

Normal Vitreous Anatomy, Syneresis, PVD, RD Prophylaxis, past and present, exceptions
Choice of RD procedure, including PVR, Tamponade agents pros and cons
Video demonstration of buckling RD repair
Video demonstration of vitrectomy RD repair 
Expected outcomes, audit, risk stratification, Complications &  unexpected outcomes  
Asymptomatic Retinal Detachment and Retinoschisis
Asssesment and management of  patients with floaters 

VR complications of anterior segment surgery

Retained Lens Fragments Pseudophakic RRD
Dislocated IOLs, secondary aphakic correction
Acute and chronic post surgical Endophthalmitis
Standard treatment ?early vitrectomy,   
OCT of VR Interface, VMT, Natural history, ocriplasmin. Macular holes

Macular Disease

ERM, lamellar hole, pseudohole , indications for surgery, degenerative holes 
Sub macular hge: displacement observation vs intervention, patches and rotations  

Vitreous Haemorrhage and Diabetes

Assessment and management of   vitreous haemorrhage 
Diabetic vitreous haemorrhage, laser vs vitrectomy 
Florid PDR,  Tractional complications of PDR, DME

VR Past Present and Future

Changing trends in surgery 
Paediatric VR.  Indications and specialist services 
Scientific Horizons: implants, autologous transplants, stem cell derived grafts, gene therapy, 
Engineering developments: 3D surgery, robots, intraoperative OCTs,  artificial vision


VR in a Day 2017 Meeting registration fees

Early Bird: Available from October 2014 until 26th December 2016: £155

Standard fee: Available from 26th December until 20th March 2017: £195