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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for visual symptoms (MBCT-vision), to treat patients with debilitating symptoms of visual snow (VS) and its associated visual symptoms, severe light sensitivity and migrainous visual aura.

Sui WongI am most grateful for the starter funding from Eyehope and GSTT charity, that has enabled me to secure further funding from Visual Snow Initiative, for the MBCT-vision study. This is a pilot feasibility study on the use of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy modified for visual symptoms to treat debilitating visual symptoms. The hypothesis is that MBCT-vision creates neural changes to improve symptoms. I am excited to say that the interim results for this study has been accepted for presentation at the upcoming American Neurological Association conference in Oct 2020.

Dr Sui Wong – recipient of Eye Hope research funding

Feedback from participants in the first Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for visual symptoms group

Thank You for caring about us with Visual Snow. Since this visual disturbance is not that well known, those who suffer from these symptoms day to day can lose all the hope, leading to anxiety and depression. Your research and experimental treatment not only increased the quality of life for me significantly but most importantly gave me hope which was completely life changing. I am truly grateful for all the kindness and support I have received. I hope this research will change the life for many others and these techniques can help gain clearer vision for other patients with VS.

I am less anxious and can cope better with the nausea and disequilibrium LED lights cause me now that I practice mindfulness every day.

Eyehope supports research and training that leads to improvements in the safety and effectiveness of patient treatment

I am a 33-year-old children’s nanny and I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes for 25 years. The years of excess sugar in my blood have caused the growth of rogue blood vessels in my eyes. The treatment I’m receiving has prevented a complete loss of sight so far, but I’m acutely aware that there are no guarantees. Without the help of my consultant and his team, I would be living in a very narrow world with a kindly labrador and a white stick for company. With their help, I stand a chance of a slightly happier outcome and of watching, rather than only hearing, my children grow up.

Claire Warren

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