Recently purchased research equipment

Kowa FM-600 Laser Flare Meter

This is  a no-touch instrument that uses a laser to scan the front of the eye to provide measurements of inflammation

This device is being used both clinically and in several research studies, including:

  • Glaucoma surgery and Aqueous Dynamics studies.
  • A trial of cataract surgery versus cataract surgery and endoscopic cycloablation in patients with primary open angle glaucoma.
  • Post laser endothelial cell count study.

Lacrydiag, Ocular surface Analyzer

This is a portable device that can be fitted to any slit-lamp

It assesses tear film interferometry, tear break up time, inferior tear strip meniscus and meibography which are all measurements in dry eye conditions.

It is being used for a study investigating dry eye problems after cataract surgery

For more information on any of these projects please contact:

Maria Bell
Email: info@eyehope.co.uk

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